Annual Conference 2016

E-mobility and the power system of the future

Date: 9 June
Time: 14:00-17:00 followed by drinks
Location: TU Delft; Science Centre

Moderator of the day: Paulien Herder: Director of the Delft Energy Initiative. Member Topteam Topsector Energie

Will electric vehicles (EVs) save or kill the power system? At least e-mobility has the potential to play a crucial role in clean and intelligent power systems. During our annual conference we would like to share our views on the role of e-mobility in the power system of the future.
PowerWeb is TU Delft’s centre of excellence for intelligent power systems. A sample section of our research will be given during our annual conference on Thursday 9 June 2016. You are being cordially invited to attend. We welcome (industry) experts who are also preparing themselves for the major changes in smart energy systems that will induce in their daily business. Issues which might also be addressed by research in the PowerWeb initiative.




Prof.dr. Peter Palensky; Chair of Power Web


Preparing the power system for the next 100 years

Danny Klaar - Keynote Speaker
Manager System Operations TenneT


Smart charging from a DSO perspective

Erik Schepens and Friso Schuring


JRC Interoperability labs: their role in the interactions between smart grids and electromobility

Marcelo Masera; Head of the Energy Security Unit,
Institute for Energy and transport, European Commission's Joint Research Centre (JRC)


Car as PowerPlant Zofia Lukszo; Principal Investigator
Prof.dr. Ad van Wijk; Future Energy Systems, founder of The Green Village


Networking and poster session


Round table

Prof.dr. Rob Fastenau
Prof.dr. Pavol Bauer
Jorg van Heesbeen - Jedlix
Dr. Remco Verzijlbergh
Speakers of the day


Wrap up and drinks

Prof.dr. Peter Palensky

Further information
For further information you can contact the Delft Energy Initiative or Eveline Zeegers, office manager tel. + 31 15 - 27 86 594.

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