• December 10; Lunch Lecture - Marjolein Hulsebosch STEDING - More information
  • December 2; meeting Alliander, TU Delft, PowerWeb about joining EE-ISAC
  • November 12; Lunch Lecture - professor Miro Zeman at EEMCS - More information
  • October 8; Lunch Lecture - Wolf Ketter RSM - More information
  • September 10; Lunch Lecture - Phil Vardon More information
  • June 11; Lunch Lecture - Mijnbouw BV - More information
  • Juni 1; PowerWeb Conference: TU Delft's center of excellence for future power systems at TU Delft Culture Building - Click for the report
  • May 28; URSUS Day organised by NWO. For invitees only.
  • April 10; This URSES lunch meeting is meant for the principal investigators and their phd’s involved in the five URSES projects awarded to TU Delft. Aim of this lunch is to getting acquinted and exchange experiences so far. For invitees only.
  • April 9: Lunch Lecture: Dr. Joost Bakker "Presenting scientific posters" - More information
  • February 17: PowerWeb & Alliander Research Web -  Click for the report.
  • February 12: Lunch Lecture: Lou van der Sluis; What is electricity? About the basics  van de electricity supply - More information
  • February 2: Deadline System Integration Call for Pre-Proposals - Click to read more
  • January 8: Power Web New Year's lunch meeting about Distribution Grid Congestion Management by Laurens de Vries and Remco Verzijlbergh


  • December 18: How to write a Horizon 2020 proposal + Launch call pre proposals System Integration
  • December 12: Lunch Lecture: Eric Woitez; Plot Harden Heerhugowaard Smart Energy Collective
  • November 19: Het STW Perspectief onderzoeksprogramma "Smart Energy Systems in the Built Environment" is op 19 november 2014 gehonoreerd en zal begin 2015 van start gaan.
  • November 13: Lunch Lecture: Frans Campfens; internal research programs such as Advanced Analytics of grid parameters for life time estimation of electro technical components, predictive models for the future penetration photo voltaic an electrical vehicles and some views on Smart Grids development is Europe. 
  • October 9: Lunch Lecture: José Rueda Torres; Mean-Variance Mapping Optimization for the Solution of Power System
  • September 26: "in-house" meeting (meant for TU Delft research community)
  • February 11: PowerWeb round table event.


  • July 7-10: Prime Minister Rutte and his Flemish colleague Peeters led a joint trade mission to Texas. Kees Vuik travelled along with them, visiting the CenterPoint Energy company and Exxon Mobil together with the Smart Grids delegation.
  • June 13: Presentation about PowerWeb for DIRECT - the Delft Institute for Research on ICT 
  • March 21: The Executive Board of Delft University of Technology has appointed Prof. Paulien Herder as chairperson of the Delft Energy Initiative.
  • March 6: Presentation about PowerWeb to the Hermes Partnership


  • November 27: Article in the TUDelft magazine Delta w.r.t. the PowerWeb kick-off
  • November 26: PowerWeb kick-off
  • June 14: Presentation about PowerWeb for DIRECT - the Delft Institute for Research on ICT
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